Articulation Therapy


Do you or your child struggle to communicate clearly? Some red flags that it might be time to check out articulation therapy include:

  • My child has a complex vocabulary and speaks using long sentences, but I am the only one who understands him/her
  • People frequently ask me/my child to repeat themselves
  • When my child speaks quickly, it is very difficult to understand
  • The words sound slurred together
  • My child grows very frustrated when other people do not understand her/him
  • I’m only hearing the first sound of the word
  • My 3rd grader is producing /r/ correctly
  • This list could go on and on!

Articulation deficits present in many different forms and often impact confidence and can be highly frustrating. The good news is there is help! Articulation therapy is highly effective, and I use evidence-based strategies to maximize results. I support children with articulation, apraxia, and phonological disorders.